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21 November 2022

Benefits of an Access Control System

Door access control systems are effective security measures, or expensive gimmicks which are susceptible to tampering and failure?
21 November 2022

What is Intruder Alarm Monitoring?

Intruder alarm monitoring, for many decades, burglar alarms have been a common feature of homes and all kinds of workplaces and public buildings.
21 November 2022

All about Remote CCTV Monitoring Systems

From the Norse Heimdall to the Greek Argus, many cultures have mythological characters who were able to view events from vast distances and to watch many locations at once.
21 November 2022

All about our Manned Guarding Services

The advantages of having manned guarding services and security staff on site at any premises or facility should never be underestimated. 
21 November 2022

All about mobile CCTV towers

When security infrastructure must be provided from the ground up, Mobile CCTV towers can be used to securely mount cameras and other equipment to protect the area.
21 November 2022

All about our Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are a fundamental building block of any security system.
21 November 2022

All about our Commercial Security Systems

Recent events have brought a new level of complexity to commercial security.
20 November 2022

CCTV Company Achieve NSI Gold For 15th Year

We have achieved NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold for the 15th straight year.