Access Control Systems

Door Access Control Systems

Door access control systems are effective security measures, or expensive gimmicks which are susceptible to tampering and failure?  If you’ve always relied on a good old lock-and-key arrangement to secure your premises, why would you switch to a more modern electronic access control system?  Let’s consider some of the benefits of an access control system for various kinds of site, and take a look at some of the systems which are available on the market right now.

The first thing to understand is that a lock-and-key is a form of access control and a very effective one at that.  Its purely mechanical nature means it is entirely resistant to any form of electronic tampering, and falsifying entry credentials would be impossible for anyone other than a trained locksmith.  A sturdy padlock, augmented by CCTV coverage, is a good way to provide a moderate level of security against intruders.

Other Access Control Systems

Other types of access control systems are just the same – they are devices designed to restrict access to certain doors or gates to authorized personnel.  Different systems can be used depending on the expected volume of traffic through the entrance, the status of users (staff, members of the public, etc), and the level of security required.  However, each of the systems available from The CCTV Company boasts unique features which make them especially suited to a particular application, and pretty soon you may wonder how you managed without them.

Just as a traditional lock on a door can only be opened using the right key, so there are door access control systems that are designed to be accessed only by someone carrying the appropriate swipe card or another physical token.  As mentioned above, functioning keys can only be created by someone with special expertise.  This can be inconvenient if you have more staff than you have keys, or if someone loses their key.  Swipe cards, on the other hand, can be easily coded using an appropriate computing device and issued to as many personnel as required without compromising the security of the entrance.  Numeric keypads work in a similar way, except that they require no physical token at all – your staff need only keep the access number in their heads.

Electronic Key Fobs

For car park barriers and driveway gates, electronic key fobs are a great solution as they don’t even require the user to leave their vehicle.  The same fob can be used to operate external and internal doors, effectively operating as a master ‘key’ for the entire site.  Key fobs are one of the most popular access control systems UK companies buy from us.  For highly sensitive sites, high-security measures such as biometric devices can be fitted.

For many businesses, the key benefit of access control system installation is that the operation of all such devices can be monitored and controlled from a central point.  Access tokens can be authorized or declined at the touch of a button.  Individual users’ movements can be tracked and limited.  In an emergency, entrances can be ‘locked down’ to keep out intruders.  No mechanical lock can offer these advantages.

To learn more about access control systems and how they can be used in conjunction with other commercial security measures, contact The CCTV Company today.