Network and IT Solutions

Advances in technology offer continual opportunities for companies to upgrade their security measures.  When it comes to IT solutions network connectivity has made it possible for the monitoring of sites and premises to be conducted remotely, be that from within the same site, from another location, or essentially anywhere in the world with an adequate internet connection.  Network IT solutions also open up the possibility of all the remote monitoring for a company, or several companies, to be handled by a single central hub.  Find out more about remote monitoring services from The CCTV Company here.

There is still a role in commercial security for traditional measures such as manned guarding and intruder alarms.  However, these methods are increasingly being augmented by high-tech network and It solutions which allow operatives to handle greater workloads without compromising quality of service.  When support personnel can monitor several sites from a single location, it not only cuts down on the number of staff required at each site but also offers greater personal security for those operatives in case of an incident.

Modern CCTV cameras record high quality images which can be transmitted to remote monitoring facilities in an instant.  Operators have the option using network and IT solutions to redirect these cameras, and zoom in on any object within the camera’s field of view.  Of course, all images can be recorded for analytical purposes as well as to provide evidence if needed.

Other security measures which are facilitated by I.T network solutions include access control and health & safety monitoring.  Remote access control often negates the need for manned access points such as doors and vehicle entrances.  The CCTV company are fully committed to the development and ongoing support of such high-tech measures which work in the best interests of all involved.