Network and IT Solutions

Network IT solutions allow a single central hub to provide expert remote monitoring solutions for several companies without compromising quality standards.  

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NSI GOLD-rated network and IT solutions

Advancements in technology provide continual opportunities for companies seeking to upgrade their security measures. Regarding the implementation of IT solutions, network connectivity allows security companies to provide remote monitoring solutions, regardless of location. Through internet connectivity, CCTV remote monitoring services can be delivered anywhere in the world with an adequate internet connection.
However, this is not to say that there is no longer a role in commercial security for traditional measures, such s manned guarding and intruder alarms. However, when augmented with remote monitored CCTV cameras, security staff can handle greater workloads without compromising on the quality of service delivered. As such, this cuts down on overall costs and provides significant security benefits to operators in case of an emergency.

Versatile CCTV & security solutions 

Modern CCTV cameras record high-quality images that can be transmitted to remote monitoring facilities instantly.  Operators can use the network and IT solutions to redirect these cameras and zoom in on any object within the camera’s field of view.  Of course, all images can be recorded for analytical purposes as well as to provide evidence if needed.

Other security measures facilitated by IT network solutions include access control and health & safety monitoring.  Remote access control often negates the need for manned access points such as doors and vehicle entrances.  The CCTV company is fully committed to the development and ongoing support of high-tech measures that work in the best interests of all involved.

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