Security Barriers



Security Barriers

In many instances, vehicle security barriers are your first line of defence when it comes to protecting your company premises.  Often found at the entrance to a site, automatic car park barriers are designed to dispense with the necessity for manned booths and to control access to your grounds without the need for human intervention.  While most models are not specifically designed to limit pedestrian access, controlling the vehicles which can enter or leave the site presents a strong deterrent to unauthorized visitors, and also affords a measure of security to the vehicles parked on site.  If the car park barriers are set up to require authorization for outgoing as well as incoming traffic, they can assist in monitoring what goods are removed from the premises too.

Automatic barrier systems can be triggered in a number of ways.  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) software can be programmed to respond only to the presence of authorized vehicles.  Many other companies require their car park security barriers to be accessed using card or fob systems, or by an alphanumeric code entered by means of a keypad.  Other sites benefit from semi-automatic barriers which are operated remotely from a terminal elsewhere on the property, or even remotely by means of an internet connection.

At The CCTV Company, we know that our customers’ first concern when installing car parking barriers is that they should be sturdy and reliable.  To that end, we only offer products from companies with a proven track record in this area of site security.  Thanks to our broad range of expertise, your automatic car park barriers can be tied in with other security measures available from The CCTV Company, in terms of access control, monitoring, and incident response.

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