In the last week before Christmas, we carried out a full HD camera install, at Redwood Nursery in Wigan


With the Christmas holidays fast approaching and 3 recent break ins, the customer was looking for a security solution to prevent further break ins. We advised the best solution would be to install a remote monitored CCTV system.

This would detect intruders prior to them entering the premises. alarms would be sent to our designated monitoring centre, they can then act on alarms within 15 seconds. They will then issue an audio message to inform intruders they are being recorded on CCTV and contact local authorities. This approach generally deters intruders from further activity.

Such requests make us proud to have such a great team of exceptionally skilled CCTV Engineers. They are able to work quickly and effectively, ensuring 5 star quality is met when installing any CCTV systems. We was able to move our workload around and open up a 3 day period in which we could carry out the install. The install included 5 HD cameras paired with detectors, a 6TB DVR, an amplifier and 2 horn speakers. We moved work around to ensure completion before the holidays. This was needed as client was visiting relatives abroad during Christmas and site would be unattended


As with any install that is for the outside of a building in England. Our country is known for its unpredictable, challenging weather and the particular week of this install was no different. Our engineers had to battle against torrential rain when completing this install. which led to our engineers prioritising other parts of the install that could be carried out indoors. Until the rain had subsided, some of the works could be carried out during the downpour using waterproof protection.


Our customer asked us of the various other security options we could offer over the Christmas period. One of the best options that is available to any site with a broadband connection is to have that site remotely monitored. this ensures complete safety as our monitoring station could keep a watchful eye over the property during closed hours. With any suspicious behaviour seen on site being reported straight to the police.

Another request we was able to meet was the customer not being available as a keyholder over Christmas. We pride ourselves on looking after all of our locals and it was agreed that one of our directors would be put as a keyholder for the Christmas period, this was free of charge and one of the many ways we try our best to help the community in any way we can.