Remote Controlled CCTV Systems

From the Norse Heimdall to the Greek Argus, many cultures have mythological characters who were able to view events from vast distances and to watch many locations at once.  Now, thanks to the latest CCTV remote monitoring systems, business owners and their agents can wield the power that would have baffled those of ancient times.  Now it really is possible to monitor your business premises or home from anywhere in the world, and take action if your property is threatened.  As with so many things, the key is preparation.

We are all familiar with images produced by CCTV security cameras as they monitor business premises or entryways.  In many cases, these shots are relayed to an operative elsewhere on the site, or stored locally on a recording device.  Unless you have a particularly large site, paying staff to keep an eye on things around the clock will hardly be cost-effective.  On the other hand, simply recording images as they happen often means you won’t be able to respond to the incident until much later when likely nothing can be done.

Outdated Security Measures

These outdated security measures are being phased out by much more sophisticated remote control CCTV systems.  Thanks to ever-improving internet connectivity, the latest camera systems can communicate wirelessly with recording devices and broadcast images in real-time.  Meanwhile, authorized personnel can watch live feeds, view recordings, and take action based on what they see.  If you are still using the old type of system, updating to Remote CCTV will make a profound difference to your security arrangements.

Home & Workplace Remote Security Systems

When you work with us at The CCTV Company to supply and install your home or workplace security system, we view it as a matter of professional pride to make sure you have access to the latest and best hardware that is suitable for your application.  When it comes to installing CCTV, remote viewing is the current trend which offers system operators greater flexibility than ever before.  As a standalone system, or as part of a comprehensive range of security features, which work together to make your property as safe as it can possibly be, a remote CCTV camera will provide you with your most powerful resource for real-time decision making.  Whether the threat is intruders, fire, or anything else, being able to see exactly what is going on at the site gives you the chance to take immediate action.

Remote CCTV

How can remote CCTV be best put to use?  From inside a home or workplace, you can monitor the entire grounds, without ever opening a door or looking out of a window.  While protected within, you can call for help if necessary.  When away from the site, you can check the camera feed whenever you want to, or set up alarms that will alert you if anything goes amiss.  For continuous observation, your images can be relayed to the response centre of a 24/7 monitoring service, which can take action on your behalf as soon as a threat is identified.

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