CCTV On Finance

At The CCTV Company, we offer industry-leading security system packages on finance through our partner finance company Bluestone Leasing. Working alongside experienced financial professionals ensures a smooth process with beneficial results for all involved.

Security systems needn’t be paid for upfront in cash

'Dead money is like a submerged obstacle in a river that can choke your cash flow, but many are still unaware that affordable CCTV systems need not be paid for in cash.
Security equipment is an investment that protects your assets and secures your premises. In addition to providing financial flexibility, when you choose The CCTV Company to provide bespoke security solutions on finance, we can wrap all project costs into one convenient financial package. This includes installation, maintenance, and monitoring fees, allowing for ease of upgrading security systems if your requirements change or when new technology comes along. To top it all off, the VAT can also be spread across your payments, putting first-class bespoke security systems within reach of any firm.

Advantages of CCTV on Finance

When purchasing CCTV on finance from The CCTV Company, you can enjoy the following advantages.

 Tax Benefits
It's not as complicated as you might think. Unlike cash, a lease unlocks 100% tax relief (on both capital and interest) and, for many customers, can make a huge difference. We can help you, too – our lease versus cash illustrations make everything crystal clear, and we can tailor these to your business. Additionally, it's important to remember that VAT can be paid in instalments rather than a lump sum upfront (excluding Hire/Lease Purchase agreements).

 Spread payments over time
Sinking your capital into ultimately depreciating assets isn't a great way to make that cash work for you. Finance lets you keep the cash so you can utilise it where it can make a difference. With cash, you ultimately pay upfront and in full for investments that only return value over time. Why not simply spread your costs in line with your return? We secure the best commercial terms for every project they handle and ensure you get the best deal out there.

 Available for both private and public sector
We operate in private and public sectors and happily fund projects from £500 upwards, with their largest projects in excess of £10 million. With over 35 specialist funders in their panel, the majority of which are not accessible directly in the UK, you can be assured that working with our finance company gives you a comprehensive understanding of what the market has to offer.

For more information or to enquire, please contact our friendly team.

Unlike traditional banks, we move fast. Credit decisions can take minutes sometimes, whilst for more complicated underwriting, they manage the whole process for you. To enquire or for more information, please call our team today on 01744 891 702.