We at the CCTV are passionate about security and are well equipped to address all of your access control needs. Cabled or wireless, remote or site managed, we have strong relations with all UK suppliers and are confident in our ability to provide cost effective prices in time, every time.

ISO 9001:20015 certified 

NSI GOLD accredited

RISQS certified

Safe contractor accredited

As each system is designed and installed to meet your unique requirements, we cannot provide a "one size fits all" pricing scheme. However, to be as transparent as possible, all billing is from a single source with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. 

Why Choose Access Control: -

Enhanced security

Access control acts as a protective layer of security that protects assets, applications, data and networks from unauthorised access and unwanted visitors. It significantly reduces the chances of data leaks, security breaches, vandalism and espionage.

Increased operational efficiency

Access control systems offer a centralized dashboard to define and enforce security controls across the entire infrastructure of the community. This streamlines the process of granting and revoking privileges either remotely or in house, freeing up administrative staff to focus on more productive tasks.

Customised access

A good access control system enables administrators to tailor make the system to suit its residents, it requires authentication and authorisation and sits in line with GDPR and authorisation policies to match the organisation’s specific needs. On site or remotely the administrator can manage who gains access, when and where and prevents unauthorised predators thus keeping our communities safe.

Audit trails

Access control systems generate detailed audit trails and logs, which can be used to trace accessibility and provide management reports as and when required which can be used in circumstances when monitoring accessibility, anti-social behaviour, property management and security breaches.

Integration with other tools

Access control systems can integrate seamlessly with other security tools available within  our range to provide a robust security system.

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