During a visit to the site regarding an intercom fault, we found that the current system is over 20 years old and, due to the age, it had began to fail, we recommended carrying out a full upgrade to the system, including new handsets for all tenants in the block

Early issues encountered…

This block of flats includes 30 residents, and the main stumbling block early on was finding three days where a large majority of the residents were available.

Letters were sent out and multiple residents where called directly to ensure that we could complete a large chunk of the upgrades over the 3 days, with further visits needed in future for outstanding flats.

Another issue our engineers encountered was a maze of wires that needed to be sorted out before we could begin the upgrade process, the expertise of our talented engineers meant that this issue was resolved pretty quickly

A successful upgrade, that will provide all tenants with a functioning system for many years to come