CCTV Maintenance Packages

CCTV System Maintenance Packages

A security guard would not be able to safeguard your premises if they slept on the job.  Likewise, a CCTV camera system can only fulfil its role if it is working properly.  Like any other mechanical or electronic device, a security camera needs regular maintenance if it is to continue to function as it should.

At The CCTV Company, we believe our role in supporting our domestic and commercial customers goes beyond designing and supplying camera systems to protect your property.  That’s why we offer CCTV installation and maintenance services which are designed to provide a complete, ongoing solution in on-site security.

What measures are part of a typical CCTV maintenance package?  In busy towns and industrial areas, it doesn’t take long for camera lenses to become coated with grime, and this reduces their effectiveness.  Maintaining housings is fundamental to any CCTV camera maintenance.  We will keep your cameras clean, and while we’re there, we can perform any necessary adjustments to afford optimal camera coverage.  We can work around such factors as changes in tree foliage from one season to the next.

On a deeper level, we can also test and repair the electronics which are the lifeblood of your system.  By conducting regular inspections, we can usually spot any faults before they impact on the operation of your system.  CCTV system maintenance should only be carried out by trained technicians who are familiar with the hardware.  Our teams are trained to provide the highest standard of CCTV maintenance services.  In addition to the above, they can install updates to your system’s software when available, and even recommend hardware upgrades when new products arrive on the market.

In the event something does go wrong, our emergency CCTV maintenance callout service means you’ll never be left high and dry without support.  Contact us to learn more about CCTV maintenance packages.

CCTV Maintenance Packages