Fever Screen Cameras

Fever Screen Cameras

At a time of unprecedented concern over communicable disease and the spread of viruses, the CCTV Company bring you solutions to allow you and your company to resume business.  We offer the latest technology in thermal temperature detection, to help you do your part to keep customers and staff safe, monitoring your health and the health of visitors to your premises.

At The CCTV Company we have always provided our customers with products and services to help maintain a high level of security.  For over 13 years, this has been our priority.  As workers face new challenges to their well-being, our aim is to continue to provide services that centre around keeping you, the customer safe.  To this end, we are providing fever detection cameras aimed at supporting you to monitor and control the spread of bugs and illnesses.

Why should you choose the CCTV Company as your security partner for this uniquely challenging process?

  • Market leading technology – We use Hikvision hardware which has been specifically developed for the current situation. This includes touch free entry and exit of your premises, temperature screening, density control, mask detection and facial recognition.
  • The expertise which comes with a combined 60 years’ experience in the security industry, from a family run company that are passionate about safety.
  • A high standard, quick installation of products and systems ensuring your business can continue to run smoothly.
  • Professional qualified engineers fully trained in safe working practises relating to disease and infection control.
  • Services governed by principles which have earned extensive recognition in the field.

Fever screening stations work by training thermal imaging cameras on approaching personnel.  The sophisticated software can detect and analyse the body temperature of the subjects, and notify the staff of any risk or possible illness.  Up to 30 individuals can be detected at one time.

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