Manned Guarding

Manned Guarding Services

Technology has changed the way we approach security, and innovations such as CCTV systems with remote monitoring have been proven to be effective in protecting our homes and business premises.  However, in circumstances which demand a high profile deterrent and a greater degree of adaptability, not even the best systems can replace the tried and tested practice of manned guarding.

Some security companies have embraced hi-tech solutions to the exclusion of traditional methods.  But without the added protection of man guarding CCTV and other systems may only be a limited deterrent.  We believe that combining cutting edge technology with the flexibility and deterrent effect of a physical presence is sometimes the best way to deploy your resources.  When circumstances demand it, we can supply fully trained and licenced security personnel as a constant site presence and to provide an instant response to any threat.  This includes static or mobile manned guarding security services depending on the requirements of the customer.

In case of an incident, our staff will already be on scene to raise the alarm and disrupt the activities of intruders.  Locations which frequently benefit from manned guarding security measures include temporary sites and storage areas containing high volumes of portable items.  And if a premises requires a temporary increase in the level of security manned guarding is a measure with can be put in place quickly and easily.

Manned guarding dovetails effectively with many other security measures including CCTV coverage and access control.  When our team designs a security system, we conduct a full analysis which includes the feasibility of using any or all of these methods.  We can also advise you on how to get the best from your security arrangements, just get in touch and our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Manned Guarding Security