If you are to attend a crucial business meeting, you may order a new suit to make sure you present yourself at your best.  But how would you feel if, instead of taking your measurements and noting your preferences, your tailor tried to sell you an off-the-peg outfit of an outdated style, in a colour you don’t like?

In the same way, you surely don’t want to deal with commercial security companies who offer standard packages without considering the specific needs of your business.  Different industries and facilities are susceptible to different threats, and this must be taken into account by any security provider.  Other factors such as geographical location, type of premises and local demography may also have a bearing on security priorities.  Clearly, a comprehensive commercial security system installation needs to be designed around the needs of your company.

At The CCTV Company, we offer much more than just camera systems.  While electronic surveillance is at the heart of modern commercial building security systems, we have expertise in a wide range of complimentary measures which we can craft into a bespoke solution to provide your business with the highest level of protection in the areas where it is needed.  These measures include:

  • Custom CCTV systems with professional maintenance packages. Your camera network will be designed to cover vulnerable areas of your premises as effectively and efficiently as possible.  Our technicians will then perform routine maintenance including readjustments and repairs.
  • Smart CCTV systems with automatic recording and facilities for remote monitoring. See what’s going on at your property on your mobile handheld device, or use an off-site monitoring company to keep an eye on things for you.
  • Commercial alarm systems have come a long way since the days of firebell-style alarms mounted on warehouse walls. As one of the leading commercial alarm companies in the north west, we can offer the latest technology including wireless and network based solutions.
  • Infection screening technology is a hot topic at the moment, and we have access to the best.
  • Security barriers and access control are physical security measures which can offer protection in the direst of circumstances. In uncertain times, being in a position to control who can get onto your premises is vital to guaranteeing the safety of your personnel.
  • Manned guarding services, key holding services and warden call systems are long established security protocols which still have a role to play in modern commercial security applications.

Our goal is to be the one call solution for commercial security systems for businesses throughout the region.  From small units to vast factories, and corner shops to retail chains with several sites, we have the expertise to supply and install the latest security equipment, and provide ongoing support in the form of first class maintenance and monitoring services.  When you partner with The CCTV Company for your commercial and industrial security systems, we will spare no effort in supplying a solution which will meet your needs in every particular.  Contact our team to learn more.