CCTV Design & Installation

CCTV Design & Installation Services

The CCTV Company are a respected, Wigan based commercial CCTV installation company in the North West of England.  We take pride in offering our customers state of the art CCTV camera layout design solutions, utilizing equipment from the most trusted and innovative manufacturers.

Our team are highly experienced and fully qualified in the fields of CCTV system design and commercial CCTV installation.  We are ISO 9001:2015 compliant, and were certified when we received our 2017 NSI accreditation.  Our NSI Gold certification recognises that we are an industry leading company. We have also been awarded the BS EN ISO 14001:2004 quality award for our quality management systems and are NSI Gold certified

The service we offer is a beginning-to-end process, including CCTV camera system design, installation,  monitoring options, and ongoing maintenance service.  Our 24-hour responsive repair and maintenance package guarantees you ongoing technical support with a 4-hour callout response time to any site in the UK.  Maintenance includes cleaning an re-directing all the cameras, as well as full technical checks.

CCTV installations have become a common feature of towns and cities because they work – they can monitor our premises when we aren’t there, record the movements of anyone on site, and vigilantly capture images of acts of vandalism and other illegal activity.  A bespoke design CCTV system may favourably impact your insurance premiums too, as underwriters recognize the value of  this equipment.  Whether you are responsible for a private property, business premises, public building, or any other kind of area, our CCTV design and building solution will optimise your security facilities.

The CCTV Company are among the leading CCTV installers in the North West because we offer our customers a wide range of operational options and excellent value, whether you choose a simple on-site system or a complex, multi-tiered solution incorporating such features as ANPR access control and IP recording and monitoring.  Contact our CCTV design team to find out what kind of system would best suit your needs.

CCTV Design & Installation
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