Case Studies & Latest News

13 February 2024

How much should you pay for CCTV and alarm installation?

Unsure how much you should pay for CCTV and alarm installation? Security experts from the CCTV Company share their expertise.
8 January 2024

Securing the Future: How To Lower Cost for CCTV Installation?

Are you concerned about the cost of CCTV installation and want to get the most value out of your investment? Speak to The CCTV Company, NSI-Gold Certified CCTV Installation Company.
16 November 2023

Why Quality CCTV Camera Installation Matters: Insights from an NSI Gold Certified Expert

The need for robust security measures has never been more pressing as companies seek to protect their assets, data, and, most importantly, their people.
9 October 2023

How Can Cloud CCTV Camera Installation Benefit Help The Rail Sector?

Is Cloud CCTV the solution to the rail sector's security challenges? Learn more about CCTV camera installation from the experts at The CCTV Company.
22 September 2023

Rail Sector; Protect The Environment With CCTV Installation Services

Promote a sustainable future and boost your green credentials with eco-friendly CCTV installation services for the rail sector from The CCTV Company.
8 August 2023

5 Advantages of Cloud CCTV Systems

Unsure if Cloud CCTV is the right fit for your business? Here's a list of 5 advantages of cloud CCTV to give you food for thought.
10 July 2023

What is NDAA compliance, and why is it important?

Learn about NDAA compliance, its importance, and why British businesses should consider NDAA-Compliant CCTV Installers.
12 June 2023

Securing the Rail Sector: Benefits of a Rail Sector CCTV Installer for Securing Railways

Discover the importance of a Rail Sector CCTV Installer in enhancing UK railway security.
11 May 2023

Case Study – Network Rail Manchester Depot Upgrade

Network Rail engaged The CCTV Company to upgrade the CCTV systems across four of their depots and implement remote connection facilities for area managers to view the sites and implement intrusion deterrents around site bike sheds.
9 May 2023

CCTV Systems For Business; What are your rights and responsibilities?

Ensure you meet all your required CCTV responsibilities, work with an experienced Gold-Rated CCTV Installer. Call The CCTV Company today!
11 April 2023

Why Your Business Needs a Professional CCTV Installer: 5 Reasons to Install CCTV Cameras

Protecting your business assets and personnel is essential. Discover how a commercial CCTV installer can enhance security, prevent theft, and improve productivity.
29 March 2023

5 Advantages of access control installation

Prevent theft, calculate footfall and more with high-quality door entry systems from The CCTV Company, NSI GOLD rated access control installers.
10 February 2023

Case Study – GPHG

For this client, our Senior Engineer, Liam Gudgeon, installed KMS cloud-based access controls with an ENTROTEC or VIDEX door entry system.
10 February 2023

Case Study – Breedon Group

Thanks to our innovative approach, the project proved incredibly financially beneficial, saving the company approximately £2,000,000 across three years.
22 November 2022

Is Your Supply Base Brexit Ready?

At the CCTV Company we have done quite a bit of due diligence with our main supply team and also analysed our own business processes.