The advantages of having manned guarding services and security staff on site at any premises or facility should never be underestimated.  By utilizing trained security personnel in circumstances which call for a highly visible deterrent, a vital ‘hands-on’ element can be added as part of a bespoke package of measures which can be tailored to any property.

In amongst an overwhelming majority of moral and law-abiding members of the public, there has always been – and sadly, likely always will be – a small number of people who are prepared to force their way onto private property and take things which do not belong to them.  Why is it still so difficult, in our modern world, to keep such miscreants at bay?

The reason is that the human mind is inherently creative, adaptable and resourceful.  When faced with a barrier to achieving a goal, we naturally begin to concoct plans to circumvent the obstacle, testing each idea mentally against the known facts, in an attempt to find a workable solution.  When an intruder enters your site, they will rarely have a set plan of how to proceed, or even of what they intend to take.  Burglars are frequently opportunistic and will break in just to see what they can find.

This makes them unpredictable, which is bad news for security systems.  While technology such as remotely monitored CCTV systems, automated doors, IT network security, intruder alarms, security barriers, and access controls have made business premises of all kinds safer and safer over the years, it is the human element which remains the most difficult to combat.  One day, we hope that Artificial Intelligence will be able to completely anticipate and neutralise the efforts of intruders and vandals.  In the meantime, manned security services remain a vital measure at any high-security site.

If the security systems which protect your assets are like the interlocking links in a heavy chain which prevents a ship from drifting away to sea, then manned security guarding is like the anchor.  Physical security hardware can obstruct, monitor, and even raise the alarm, but all these measures mean little without the human element.  How many times have you heard a burglar alarm forlornly ringing away, ignored by everyone in the area?

But by employing security guards, we can turn the human element to our advantage.  In terms of security, manned guarding is like fighting fire with fire: human ingenuity and resourcefulness can protect the facility by anticipating threats, responding immediately to any kind of incident, and escalating the situation if necessary.  What is more, trained and qualified security guards are educated and equipped to deal with any hazard they are likely to face.  Would-be intruders know this, so the very presence of security staff is far more of a deterrent than any fence or camera.

For most business and industrial premises, the extensive range of security options available from The CCTV Company are enough to provide full peace of mind.  But for busy, vulnerable, or high value sites, manned guarding arrangements could make all the difference.

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