When security infrastructure must be provided from the ground up, Mobile CCTV towers can be used to securely mount cameras and other equipment to protect the area.  Under certain circumstances, a mobile CCTV tower may prove more effective than a fixed installation; for example, when there is no convenient place to install a camera; if the camera must be moved from point to point at different times; or when the CCTV equipment is only needed for a finite period.  Read on to learn more about how mobile security towers play an important part in the range of security measures available, and how they can be used to best effect.

Designed Camera Systems

From satellite images, to drone footage, to elevated mezzanine platforms within industrial facilities and public buildings, it’s so much easier to observe proceedings when you can take the high ground.  For the same reason, CCTV security cameras are often mounted as high as is practicable on the walls of commercial and residential buildings.  At The CCTV Company, we design camera systems which are set up to provide security coverage for entire sites, and we take full advantage of opportunities to mount our cameras high up to provide as wide a field of view as possible.  Locating the hardware high above the ground also makes it more difficult for intruders to tamper with the systems.

But what about sites where such convenient mounting points are not readily available?  Picture a construction site, where a large building is in the early stages of construction.  Plenty of valuable equipment and materials may be stored at the site.  However, to affix cameras to the walls of the structure would interfere with the work of the builders.  Or, what if you wanted to stage a public event, such as a festival, in a rural field?  Are you to be denied the public safety advantages CCTV systems could offer?

Mobile Security Towers

By deploying mobile security towers, those responsible for such sites can monitor the area in the same way a CCTV operator watches a secure building.  Self-supporting, self-powered CCTV towers stand high above surrounding obstacles and provide a clear view of the area for operators, who never have to leave the ground!  Each CCTV tower can support up to eight cameras, offer 360-degree coverage, and boast 80 metre movement detection range.  And when you choose The CCTV Company to supply your security towers, you can also benefit from the latest ancillary software, hardware, and services.  These include intelligent real-time video analysis, cloud storage recording, and remote monitoring services.

Mobile CCTV Towers

Our mobile CCTV tower hire packages make it easy to procure the security resources you need, where you need them, for as long as you need them.  If during the course of a project you need to move your CCTV tower, mobile bases make it easy to reposition the unit to afford better coverage.  And once the job is finished or the event is over, we come and retrieve the towers as if they had never been there.  Please contact our team to enquire further.