Intruder alarm systems are a fundamental building block of any security system.  From corner shops to huge production and storage facilities belonging to multinational corporations, commercial and industrial premises of all kinds rely on a good burglar alarm to provide a warning if the site is invaded.  Failing to fit a good intruder alarm would be almost as reprehensible as going home at night and leaving all the doors to your property wide open.  Most commercial property insurance policies will require an approved alarm system to be fitted.

High Tech Intruder Alarms

Many homes also benefit from burglar alarms.  The days of a bell in an ugly wall-mounted metal box are gone; these days, high-tech domestic intruder alarms monitor activity throughout the property and relay alerts to smart devices on- and off-site.  Thanks to the latest developments in technology, householders and their families can feel safer than ever, whether they are physically at home or not.

However, any security system is only as good as the design work and engineering which have gone into creating it.  Not all intruder alarm installations are the same, and not all design and support companies can offer the same level of expertise when it comes to assessing the needs of your site and devising a system to match.  Who would you trust to fit a new alarm system at your home or business?  What guarantee do you have that the work will be done right?

Security Solutions

At The CCTV Company, we stay abreast of the latest intruder alarm technology on the market, and incorporate it into our coordinated security solutions along with other measures such as CCTV cameras and access control systems.  We are proud to be listed as a ‘Gold Accredited Installer’ of both domestic and commercial intruder alarms by the National Security Inspectorate.  NSI approved companies are required to meet a list of exacting standards including:

  • Regular auditing by independent industry specialists
  • Providing ongoing training for staff
  • Meeting the industry’s highest technical standards and maintaining a commitment to continual improvement with an ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Bespoke Intruder Alarm Systems

When you choose The CCTV Company to design and install your new intruder alarm system, you don’t need to take our word that you are getting the very best in terms of product and service – these independent recommendations from some of the highest authorities within the industry speak for us.  Whatever worries you may have about your premises, a poorly designed security system doesn’t have to be one of them.

The modern systems we can supply and install include:

Monitored intruder alarms – An off-site team provide round-the-clock monitoring and alert you as soon as an alarm is activated.

Police response intruder alarm – An activation is put straight through to the emergency services.

CCTV supported intruder alarm – Combine your system with security cameras and a range of other devices.

To learn more about modern intruder alarms and the part they play in our comprehensive security solutions, contact our team today.