Commercial Security Systems for Business Owners

Recent events have brought a new level of complexity to commercial security.  Are your current arrangements enough to protect yourself, your staff, and customers or other visitors from all the circumstances which might expose them to harm?  Are there more efficient and up-to-date ways to achieve the level of security you need for your office, retail area, or other facility?

Our team here at The CCTV Company have established a reputation for devising comprehensive security installations for commercial premises on all scales, from sales kiosks and corner shops to the most extensive warehouse and factory sites.  We work with you to assess ways in which your premises may be vulnerable, and offer proven and fully supported solutions.

Just as we use our natural senses every day to identify hazards which may compromise our personal safety, equipment supplied and fitted by The CCTV Company can be used to recognise and mitigate risks to the security of your business.  Here are a few of the key elements of the modern security setups which are affording business owners unprecedented control of their storage, process and retail sites:

Commercial CCTV

In comparison with many animal species, sight is critical to the way we humans perceive the world we live in.  Our eyes not only allow us to see danger coming, but also to understand the nature of the threat, and to plan a strategic reaction based on the environment we observe around us.

Since the invention of the first security cameras, CCTV systems have become a cornerstone of any serious site security system, as they allow observers to monitor the area without the risk or inconvenience of having to be physically present.  Camera systems have proved so successful and become so easy to use that they have now become a common feature of even domestic security systems.

When it comes to protecting your premises from intruders and other threats, security cameras are your eyes on the ground.  As experts in commercial CCTV bespoke design, we can bring you the most advanced products available, and advise you on how to deploy them to the best advantage.  Each commercial CCTV installation our engineers perform is designed to allow the operator to thoroughly monitor the site, making use of such features as remote streaming and playback on demand.  Commercial CCTV maintenance packages are available to keep these vital systems running as they should.

Commercial Intruder Alarms

Even when we are asleep, our ears remain alert to the sound of approaching danger.  Commercial intruder alarms have been a standard security feature for many decades, and are often required as a condition of commercial building insurance.  The latest types of alarms, however, boast added features like wireless connectivity, making them more reliable and convenient.  Just as an unexpected noise makes us automatically look towards the source of the sound, the triggering of an alarm can be the cue for CCTV monitoring personnel to investigate.  When your commercial intruder alarm installation is part of a cohesive package of security measures from The CCTV Company, you can be confident that all the technology will work together harmoniously to protect your property.

Commercial Fever Screening Technology

Not all hazards are the result of hostile intentions on the part of others.  Our senses of smell and taste provide us with a warning when food is unsuitable to eat, or when there are harmful chemicals nearby.  Unfortunately, we can’t smell or taste the presence of viruses, which has been the threat foremost in people’s minds in recent times.  But once again, there are security devices available that can offer you the upper hand in the battle against contagious illnesses.

Fever screening technology is a non-invasive way to check staff and visitors to your premises for common symptoms of infection.  The latest systems incorporate touch-free entry and exit, temperature screening, density control, mask detection, and facial recognition.  In this way, you can be prepared to meet the current situation and face whatever may come in the future.

These are just a few of the resources which can be combined to make your commercial facility safer than it has ever been.  Contact our team today to learn more.