At the CCTV Company we have done quite a bit of due diligence with our main supply team and also analysed our own business processes / staffing and stock holding to make sure that if a NO DEAL Brexit happens our business will be able to continue providing the same level of service as currently in place. Has your security provisions done the same?

The ways in which we have done this are:

– Increased  our cash reserves

– Increased our fleet of vehicles

Increased our staff levels

– Increased our on site stock holding

– Increased our stock reserves with our key supply base

– Increased our OOH staffing ratio.

– Ensured we have preferential supply treatment from our main suppliers 

– Have sourced alternative supply routes for all materials used either UK made or made with countries with trade agreements already in place

– We have a 1st class credit rating

– Have partners in place  who can help provide finance for clients to procure required security provisions but spread the costs over a set period between 2-5 years

It’s time to make sure, if you haven’t already that your security provider is Brexit ready so that should a NO DEAL Brexit happen your sites remain secured and safe during what could be a time of stress, job losses and uncertainty. Trends have shown that this can create increased crime levels

For more details on how we can provide a full security solution package for your business please contact our office on 01744 891702 or email