In uncertain and worrying times, The CCTV Company are proactively protecting our customers from threats of all kinds.  These threats include accidental fires, home and workplace intruders, and of course the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease itself.  In order to promote the security and wellbeing of everyone involved, we have acted decisively and implemented robust measures for the protection of our staff, our customers, and members of the public whenever they must interact in the course of their work.

Even before the current crisis, our teams were trained to work with all our customers in a professional and respectful way, and had experience in dealing with vulnerable individuals.  The skills we thus learned have made a fine basis for the additional precautions and initiatives we have now put in place.  These extra measures include:

  • Weekly updates to ensure our staff are informed of the latest requirements and guidance; these include reviewing and updating our working practices accordingly.
  • Site specific risk assessments for each job we undertake.
  • The use of medical grade PPE, antibacterial wipes and hand gel whenever we are on a customer’s site.

The COVID threat is providing our customers with more incentive than ever to put stringent security measures in place at their workplaces and homes.  The CCTV Company can design, supply and install cutting edge security systems incorporating the latest technology for the protection of you, your household, and your staff.  COVID specific measures include thermal cameras which can immediately identify any individual with an elevated body temperature, and alert the system operator.  Other types of security system were already in common use before the pandemic, but have now become more important than ever.  These include touchless door entry systems and video intercoms.

To learn more about our COVID response or our services, contact The CCTV Company today.