Intruder Alarm System Monitoring

Alarm systems are among the basic security measures which all commercial premises, as well as many homes and even vehicles, are expected to have.  But as has been the case with so many other devices we may have come to take for granted, internet connectivity has opened up new possibilities for the existing technologies related to burglar alarm systems.  With intruder alarm system monitoring, alarms are once again a key ingredient of any site security system.

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What Is Intruder Alarm Monitoring?

One of the reasons the internet is such a powerful tool in any kind of remote system, be it security, access control, production management, or simply turning on the central heating before you get home, is its flexibility.  The physical hardware which controls these operations remains much as it ever was; CCTV cameras, magnetic locks, and relay switches have been common for many decades.  It’s the computer software, along with basic connectivity interfaces, which allow the same devices to accomplish so much more.

In the case of intruder alarm monitoring, the web not only allows for alerts to be transmitted to remote locations, but also for intruder alarm monitoring companies to track several sites and premises simultaneously, without compromising on effectiveness.  This reduces operating costs, and improves security by keeping the personnel off site.  Rather than just ringing a bell as was once the case, modern intruder alarms can be set up to contact specific parties (the company owner, the police, etc), or to provoke a specific response, for example the dispatch of a security team.

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